Beauty Icons: Catherine Deneuve

One cannot think of French beauty without Catherine Deneuve springing to mind.
Famous for her roles on iconic movies such as ‘Repulsion’ and ‘Belle de Jour’, the now 70 year-old actress still looks picture perfect despite her years, making her habit of unapologetic cigarette smoking almost appealing (but still not quite).
Once the face of Chanel n.5, Serge Gainsbourg’s lover, and the forever muse of designer friend Yves Saint Laurent, here’s how to emulate Ms. Deneuve’s charmingly aloof style.


Being a brunette, I know this certainly isn’t (always) true, but in order to look the part, one’s locks must be icy blonde. If you haven’t been born a glamorous albino and don’t possess natural whiter than white locks, there’s a few products out there that can accomplish exactly this.
Blonde hair suits best those with northern european features, light-coloured eyes and pale skin.
The rule of thumb is: if it can look natural, then none the wiser, it’s time to proceed.

Begin by achieving the blonde look with L’Oreal Excellence 10 Natural Baby Blonde.
Step two involves some TLC, so after tresses have been expertly dyed, it’s time to make them shine.
John Frieda does a really good range for icy blondes, Blonde Go Blonder, which eliminates brassiness and yellow tones, and is comprised by the Lightening Shampoo, Lightening Conditioner, and Lightening Spray.
As a finishing touch, spray hair with a classic French product such as Elnett, adorn it with a bow hairband, and you’re good to go.


Makeup-wise, keep it sexy, bare and simple. Cat eyes are a must, and so is a good eyeliner pen which will do the job without any questions asked. These come with several price tags attached but I do like MAC Penultimate Eye Liner (steady, bold, and used in fashion shows) and Colorsport 24 Hour Black Eyeliner (a winner combo of budget and really good quality).

For lips and cheeks the key is to go for peachy hues. MAC lipstick in Shy Girl is a beautiful shade for for an innocent pout, and Cremeblend Blush in Something Special gives cheeks a flirty and dewy flush.


As this look is all about being both ladylike and sultry, icy and sexy, demure in appearance but quite the opposite in one’s demeanour, scent plays the final part in this seduction game. Forgo the subtler fragrances and go all the way femme fatale with orientals such as YSL Opium and Miller Harris Fleur Oriental, which are beautiful and very appealing to male nostrils (or more to the point, to both their brain and crotch).

And voilà! All you need now is a black polka-dot blouse, a dark-red manicure, Serge Gainsbourg on your Spotify, and a legion of admirers will soon follow. Promise.

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