Hailing from the city of lights but settled in London, Joséphine de la Baume is the kind of woman that makes heads turn – whether you’re a male or a female, I guarantee it’s a no fail recipe.
Upon meeting her a few months back, I remember being struck by a certain je ne sais quois, a sexpot allure which was both very understated and completely in your face (a rather enticing combination indeed!).
With her small and curvy frame in figure-hugging jeans, statement lips and nails, freckled sunkissed skin and tousled strawberry-blonde hair, the actress and Singtank singer is one girl to remember.
Here’s what keeps her looking as yummy as French fries.


I keep things relatively simple, but I’m also really bad at throwing stuff away, so I have so many products; I always think I might use it at some point! My husband [Mark Ronson] doesn’t really keep anything in this bathroom—it’s all my things. [Laughs] For face wash, I like the Instant Foaming Cleanser by Caudalie. I don’t like makeup remover, and I need to feel like my face is really clean—this one takes off makeup and makes me feel clean. After I was my face, I like to do a mist or a tonic spray, so I’ll use either the La Mer The Tonic, which is super moisturizing, or an organic fleur d’oranger spray. I used to like all organic stuff, but I’ve just realized I don’t actually like it that much; I like science, too! Now I use Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Serum in the morning and at night. It is amazing. I go from looking 60 years old to my actual age… I was just fed up of looking like shit, so I found it in a department store. Sure, if you’re eighteen years old and you use organic products everyday, it’s fine—you don’t even need cream—but as you get older, I felt like I needed something more intense. And my skin is really dry, too. I love Shiseido products—I use Shiseido deodorant, too; it just smells really good. I think a deodorant is just as important as a perfume, you know? Have you ever made out with someone and then you smell their deodorant and you’re so repulsed? [Laughs] It’s just something to think about. This one smells good and it works. I’m terrible because I should use one that’s more organic, but then again, I don’t know how much those organic crystal ones are just marketing. I’ve tried a couple, and I don’t think they work so well, and they’re messy. I would rather smell good than smell like an onion.


For makeup, I’m pretty good at doing my own. From having been on photo shoots and sets, you kind of pick it up, I guess. I never put foundation all over my face, but I use a little Chanel Perfection Lumière or Diorskin Airflash. Then, I like making big eyebrows when I go out—like, ’90s eyebrows, kind of arched, kind of Linda Evangelista. The Lancôme Ombre Absolue Palette in Murmures du Desért is great for brows, even though they are supposed to be eye shadows. Then, mascara: I always want big, thick eyelashes, top and bottom, kind of Sixties; the Diorshow mascara is perfect for that. And for years, I drew a cat eye every day, but now I’ll only do it occasionally. I like quite cheap liquid liners for that because their brushes are the best: the Maybelline Line Stiletto and the L’Oréal Carbon Black Telescopic Liquid Eyeliner, which I’m wearing right now. I just do a really thin line and almost straight out—I don’t go all the way down and up because I have quite small eyes, so it can make my eyes quite droopy. Then for my cheeks, I always used to wear a bit of pink blush—Benefit Thrrrob—but since I recently came back from holiday, I got into bronzer. The Lancôme Star Bronzer is amazing… it gives you that ‘holiday glow,’ you know?
Now we can get into my lip liner obsession! [Laughs] These are the two that I use: a Jane Iredale lip liner in Spice, which a makeup artist gave to me, and the MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl, which is the one I use most every day—it’s like a neutral pink, but it has a bit of blue in it. Then, at night, I like to mix it up. I’ll do a YSL lip liner in #19, which is great because it is quite vibrant and dry, or the MAC Magenta pencil, and I mix them with Whirl to make the color a little less orange or just softer, depending;Whirl tones everything down. The T. LeClerc Crayon in Rouge Emotion is mega-dry and long-lasting, too… If I want to do something darker, more intense, I love YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick in #149 Black Tulip. But in that case, I will just do a lip and nothing else.
I wish I could take credit for my nails—but I had them done on a shoot that was David Bowie-inspired. I don’t know what products they used! But I loved the manicure, so I kept it. When I do my own, I use mostly Chanel polishes—they’re the best. I stay with red because it’s just kind of classic and nice. Chanel Dragon is great, or sometimes I’ll do a more modern metallic, like the Chanel Peridot.


I take a lot of baths… French women mostly take baths. If I have to wash my hair, then I will take a shower… I know it’s probably unusual for French women, but I shampoo every other day. The brand is always changing, but right now I’m into the Klorane Pomegranate shampoo, or the Leonor Greyl non-foaming shampoo. That one’s not as fun, though—I like lathering, I like bubbles! It’s supposed to be an experience! I use Frederic Fekkai conditioner, but only on the ends; I like my hair dry at the top. Other than that, maybe I’ll spray some L’Oréal Elnett hairspray; it reminds me of my mom in the ‘80s. It was such a part of my childhood, and she still wears her hair like that—really big. For me, it’s still the best thing to make a dry texture. Right now, though, my hair’s in transition: I’m going more and more blonde, less red. There’s starting to be too many redheads in Paris, so now I’m telling my colorist, Stephane Pous, ‘Enough, no more redheads in Paris. I’m going lighter.

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