Imagine a perfect day. You would probably wake up next to the warm body of your lover/dog/cat (insert preference here), the sun would be shining, you would be looking refreshed although the previous night had been abundant in everything but sleep, fresh flowers would be sitting next to a lovingly prepared organic breakfast (preferably by the lover, not the cat or dog), and whilst stepping into the shower, you would have a shampoo especially blended for your locks depending on which concern or preference you had that day.
Albeit it seems to good to be true and there still isn’t much that can be done regarding the previous necessities, the latter is within your reach.

The brainchild of Alex Epstein (with great support from Millie Kendall from Ruby & Millie) and launched at Selfridges, Concoction is a haircare brand based on mixology, which let’s one customize one’s perfect shampoo – appropriately named ShampYou – through a system of bases and superserum shots. Choose from Bakhour (the most popular fragrance with a woody blend of arabian spices, sandalwood, ambergris and musk), Black Pepper + Citrus (which also has vetiver, ginger and lemon essential oils added to the blend), Lemon + Verbena (with added bergamot, patchouli and lemon essential oils), and Rosemary + Mint (with tea tree oil added to the aforementioned ingredients).
Upon choosing your base shampoo, it’s time to indulge in the mixing shots. Since the base takes two superserums, you can customize it perfectly to your needs, and still having fun whilst doing it. The shots available are:

Beautiful Brunette (boosted with natural walnut extract for richer shades)
Curl Me Up (with natural lavender, chamomile and arnica flower, adds definition to curls)
Back to Your Roots (a blend of chamomile and arnica helps soothe roots and scalp)
Gimme More Moisture (aloe, cucumber and panthenol nourish dry or damaged locks)
High Definition Blonde (illuminates blonde shades with natural chamomile)
Ravishing Red (with natural raspberry leaves for fiery shades)
Thermo Straight (extreme heat protection with unique heat activated thermo-polymer)
and Turn Up the Volume (with silicone polymer and wheat amino acid complex)

Finish your concoction with the ultra-luxurious Cashmere + White Lily Creme de Concoction Conditioner, and step out of the shower looking and feeling fabulous.
Proceed to having a great day.

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