There’s no one harder to shop for than a man (and harder yet, a male architect!).
As no mission is too daunting nor a job too big for The Londonesque, here are eight items which are promised to win you a kiss under the mistletoe…


1. Don’t tell him he has a pimple… Instead offer him this anti-blemish mask (he’ll get the drift!) – £33

2. Concealing a calming hint of lavender, this Liberty-print Otis Batterbee eye mask is beyond exquisite – £45

3. Because both Herb Lester and Lisbon are awesome, here’s the ultimate pocket guide to the sunny city of lettuces (as the natives are locally known) – £4

4. Inspired by an American classic, the Mason Jar, this shaker is a sure hit with cocktail aficionados – at Magma

5. A must for well-groomed men by C.O. Bigelow, Premium Shave cream‘s handsomely green packaging hides a soft, lathering formula – £14

6. With a double-edge and a handsome handle, the Ernest razor from Murdock is equally perfect for shaved men, or facial hair experts in search of a good trimming utensil – £40

7. Made from brown textured leather, this Comme des Garçons coin wallet keeps valuables safe – £90

8. Nigel Slater’s latest book, Eat is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach – £26

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