‘Tis the season to be merry, and by The Londonesque standards, beautiful as well.
It may proof difficult to not indulge in seasonal treats such as Christmas pudding and mulled wine, so your figure may be unwatched for the next week or so (at least by yourself), but what one should not forgo, ever, is seasonal beauty.

Wear something which seduces the boys, makes the girls intrigued and is still safe around children and elderly relatives (LBD perhaps?), manicured nails matching to perfection the mulled wine’s lazy, hazy hue, some sweet as honey jewellery and high heels to perk up your behind.
If single, make sure you stand under the mistletoe with the handsomest boy, and if not, carry a mistletoe around with you and French kiss the man in your life to exhaustion (it will also help all those calories melt away with the added exercise).

Have a Merry, merry Christmas, and hopefully Mr. Klaus has been generous this year…
Remember, in typical male fashion, he only likes girls who have been naughty but nice! xx

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