Nothing spells the word ‘feminine’ as loud as the colour pink. From the darkest to the daintiest, pink comes in all shapes and sizes, and – contrary to popular belief – there’s a right shade of pink for everyone.
From the iciness of pale pink lips – favourited by 1960s girls to complement big, fluttering mod eyes – to Grace Kelly-esque, ballerina-pink nail polishes, there is a plethora of ways one can indulge in one’s inner princess.
Here are my favourites:

    • Chanel does a very pretty rosey-pink nail polish, Frisson, which with its high gloss and toluene-free formula, will make your nails gleam with perfection.
  • Imparting a flirty natural flush, Nars blush in Deep Throat gives a peaches and cream doll-like complexion.
  • Topshop does magenta-pink court shoes which won’t break the bank.
  • To jot down poems and keep track of how many boys (or girls) you’ve kissed, this small hot pink leather notebook – featuring the iconic lanthe print – will do the trick!
  • And for those with a sweet-tooth, Charbonnel and Walker Pink Marc de Champagne truffles look stunning and taste divine (but you’ll be one lucky girl if they last more than a day!).



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