One’s hands, just like one’s gaze, mirror the ins and outs of the soul and the somewhat frail human condition in which we’re cocooned. Hard grafters, picker-uppers, wordless speakers, crafters and artisans, they’re the tools with which we embrace loved ones, caress the face of our children, and wipe the tears of a friend in need. And, more commonly than not, they’re also neglected, taken for granted, and alas, one of the first places to make evidence that the golden years are patiently awaiting us.
Thus hand products, more so than a luxury, present themselves as a necessity, especially in the cold winter months.

Brought to life by the beautifully-packaged and heavenly-concocted Aesop – the Melbourne brand with design credentials to boot and the best designed shops known to mankind – the Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm, quite predictably, does not disappoint.
Rich but almost instantly absorbed, it delivers a non-greasy veil of hydration which is both intensely nourishing and practical, letting you go on with your life just a few seconds after its application, whilst leaving behind a subtle citrusy aroma and lingering woody notes.
With bergamot rind, vetiver root and petigrain as its main ingredients, this balm is perfect for cuticle care and as a handy moisturising body product. In a tin sage-green tube, with the traditional typography Aesop has spoilt us with, it’s recommended by its creators as part of a balanced life that includes a healthy diet, sensible exercise, a moderate intake of red wine, and a regular dose of stimulating literature (my kind of balance indeed).

The Bottom Line

Geared towards those who prefer quality rather than quantity, the finest grade botanicals may come at a price but are definitely worth it, as this is an awesome hand balm to have as part of your beauty/grooming arsenal.
Available in two sizes – a practical 75 ml tube (£19) and 500 ml pump (£69) – or as an equally deliciously-scented hand wash (£27) and hand care duo (£85).

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