Some say boys don’t make passes at girls with glasses, but if that were true, the forever allure of sexy librarians, bookworms, and 50s beauty icons alike wouldn’t have crossed generations and nationalities as it has.
From Marilyn Monroe to Grace Kelly, some of the most beautiful women have adorned their exquisite features with glamorous specs, either from sheer necessity or blatant vanity.

Those were the days, you might say.
Enter Brownie and Madam. - brownie and madam

Taking a cue from old-school spectacle design, the brand delivers some of the prettiest opticals on the market, stylishly named after women, and delivered with pomp and circumstance in mouth-watering cases and beautifully-designed leaflets (as seen above).

Available in regular prescription, progressives (no-line bifocals), ready readers (cheaters with UV protection), prescription sunglasses, and fashion sunglasses, I’m eyeing up the ‘Donaldina‘ ready readers in Hopscotch, handcrafted from a single sheet of the purest acetate, riveted with stainless steel hinges, and 1950s to the core. Heaven!



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