Growing up, I used to be a dedicated collector of images, striking photographic instances retrieved from magazines, archived into categories and time and again used as a platform for escapism and inspiration when in need of some beauty in my life.
Pre-Pinterest, photographer Sarah Moon’s images – a poetic body of work featuring incognito women in watercolour-dipped still lifes – were prized possessions, in particular a makeup catalogue with androgynous beauty Janine Giddings, which she photographed for Cacharel in the mid-nineties. - sarah moon - 10

Once upon a time a model herself, Sarah – whose real name is Marielle Hadengue – has been working since the early 1970s, having quietly transformed the face of fashion photography with her dreamy melancholy and unique, visionary style.

Admirers of her work will be pleased to know Michael Hoppen Gallery is now showcasing ‘About Colour‘, so SW3 is the postcode to keep in mind until the 5th April this year. - sarah moon - 3 - sarah moon - 4 - sarah moon - 2




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