One of the facts I truly appreciate about the time we live in is technology. Not only does it keep us digitally connected to loved ones – even if in totally different parts of the globe – the world of cosmetology has come a very long way since the mid-century, or indeed my teens, when something as deceptively straightforward as finding a non-comedogenic product was an almost impossible task.

Fast forward two decades and, somewhat spoiled and addicted to perfection, our generations are now used to the latest scientific breakthroughs, and our ‘beauty longevity’, everyday routines, and even our physiology, have been forever changed.
Always on the lookout for the latest in beauty technology, I’ve recently come across a revolutionary product which made me gasp with the kind of excitement I usually set aside for books, vintage, and animals alike… Meet the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X.

Being more of a time-starved hippy-dippy than a high-maintenance kind of girl, clinical settings and professional polishing is something which hasn’t found its way into my life. When it comes to grooming, I crave easiness, lack of appointment booking and the comfortable surroundings of my own space and schedule, therefore having an at-home device such as this one is an absolute must.
Even after only two treatments, this little piece of technology has delivered very dramatic results, and keeping up with my twice-monthly schedule, the areas I decided to treat will be hair free in around 3 months.

Curious? Do read on…


Delivering light-based at home skincare solutions since 2003, Tria has a reputation for keeping its promises, so I decided to look further into the Hair Removal Laser 4X.
Beautifully-designed, its ergonomic shape and Eames-Era feel does not disappoint, and the recently launched Limited Edition Colours Collection – available in Peony (seen above), Turquoise, Lilac and Graphite – delivers the same technology in a a wider colour range.

Touted as the most effective solution for permanent hair reduction, this hair removal technology features patented diode lasers which target and disable the hair follicle which, in due time, loses its ability to regrow, falls out, and leaves behind nothing but the silkiest skin.
If this sounds too good to be true, worry not, as this is indeed the reason behind the success of this product, its sheer ability of giving you something none of the other brands have managed to grant until now.
Needless to say (but I shall nonetheless!), this product is recommended by 9 out of 10 dermatologists as their preferred laser technology and has achieved a 100% result satisfaction by participants in a clinical study.


The easy to use cordless device is perfect for both face and body treatments, and its 5 energy levels – which you can customise to make the process as comfortable as possible – translate into catering the treatment to the area you wish to target.
After shaving and towel drying, I started my first treatment at the highest tolerable setting (5 in some areas, 4 and 3 in more sensitive ones), applied the laser pulse twice into the area I was treating, and again placed the tip in an overlapping pattern for a few minutes.
For the ultimate laser hair removal experience, one can also use the SmoothStart Calming Gel, which helps diminish the laser sensation on the higher settings, which are the preferred choice for the best removal results.
And that’s it… A truly straightforward process with undeniable results to boot. It is now the 3rd week after my second treatment, and I can definitely agree with the stats, confirming a reduction of around 70% of hair, which will turn into total hairless skin after the 3-month, twice-monthly treatment.
And that is indeed something to smile about.


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