- Zinc Wellington - 2

After a three day stint in Sydney – where I’ve left a sizeable piece of my heart and a palpable desire to return – I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks in Wellington, New Zealand, where a mixture of quirky, latin-flavoured coffee shops and bars, impromptu visits to ‘op-shops’ (local slang for vintage haunts), and a never-ending sea have been keeping my mind busy (today’s beautiful, sunny day doesn’t harm either!).

Whilst strolling around Thorndon, a rather pretty area near the Botanical Gardens, I’ve re-visited a shop called Zinc +, a treasure trove of industrial and vintage finds, mostly sourced from France, where the owners dash to attend Buyer Fairs. - Zinc Wellington - 5 and 6

Amidst dark interiors – brough to life by the contrast with the colourful pieces they house and the golden, summery sunshine bursting from outside – one’s gaze is forever flickering from piece to piece, amongst them vintage maps and anatomy charts, metal and wooden letters, vintage plates, French metal cabinets, mid-century lighting, industrial stools, and even the prettiest powder-pink Portuguese jug (in main image). - Zinc Wellington - 3

I spoke to Trish Jenkins, whom – alongside her husband Dave – owns this retail space and another one in Melbourne, where I’m headed in the next few days. Besides their trips to Europe in search for the stunning 20th century brocante  pieces showcased in the shop, they also design and manufacture their own, which include zinc topped tables (hence the name), metal cupboards, steel lightshades, metal coffee tables and some very, very lovely illuminated letters (seen on first image). - Zinc Wellington - 4

So, if by any chance you’re in these neck of the woods, do drop by 287 Tinakori Road (Thorndon, Wellington, NZ), or 125 Auburn Road (Hawthorn, Melbourne, AUS), and treat your dwellings to some cool, industrial chic.

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