Thinking of a perfect day out in London, few things come first on my list than having a coffee somewhere nice in the company of a loved one, followed by a relaxed ‘vintage crawl’ in search of some precious gems.
Amongst all-time favourite finds are a 1940s gold watch – found on eBay whilst still living in Lisbon; a plethora of clothbound books – from Plato to Tolstoy – dating back to as early as the 19th century; a 1930’s Parisian silk dress purchased at Annie’s Vintage; and a few lovely (although certainly not extravagant) pieces of jewellery, including a pearl necklace, and gold and mother-of-pearl compact and heart-shaped locket, three of my current favourites.

What I love about vintage shopping is the sheer uniqueness and historical component of every piece, the hunting process, the warm feeling one gets when salvaging a lovely item (less waste = a healthier planet), and the fact that – if one’s blessed with a discerning eye – it can be the most value-conscious manner of shopping, making it available to every purse size.

Today, we look at two women at home – illustrator and designer Langley Fox + model and designer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – and the vintage finds they call their own.

(via The Coveteur). - langley fox, Behind Closed Doors - 3

This dress is from one of my favorite vintage stores, Squaresville, in Los Feliz. Other good places to find vintage are at the flea markets, American Rag’s vintage section, and Painted Bird. - Vintage, Behind Closed Doors - 5 - rosie huntington-whiteley - Vintage, Behind Closed Doors - 1

These are a few of my favorite vintage slips and gowns I have collected. I have used them a lot to influence my designs for Rosie for Autograph. - Vintage, Behind Closed Doors - 2

The vintage Hermès bracelet and watch were a lovely Valentine’s gift a few years ago. I love hummingbirds and even have a little hummingbird tattoo on my wrist, so my brother gave me this little antique picture for Christmas. I adore it. My mother gave me the little antique silver clock and my Grandparents gave me the silver pot. I love little antique trinkets and finds, they are so special and make lovely personal gifts.

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