As I look through the window today, gazing at the leaves of my neighbour tree becoming greener and greener with each speck of rain, it seems slightly odd to be even remotely contemplating summertime, sultry days, and the many things which make them even more pleasurable. But June is here, and as fickle as London weather is, we’re promised a somewhat glorious Sunday, so let’s raise a glass to that thought and get cracking!


Although I tan fairly easily (at least by British standards!), my skin is naturally very pale and translucent, which is a bit of a headache on the very start of those sun-filled days. Most Aussies have the same issue I grew up with – lack of protective melanine, ironically paired with living in a sun-drenched climate – only greater increased by ozone depletion (ouch!), so they know a thing or two in regards to sun protection.
Since my trip Down Under, I’ve been wearing Kit Cosmetics SPF 30+ Face Sunscreen.
Very light in texture (perfect for my oily, acne-prone skin), and completely fragrance free, it’s a godsend indeed if, like me, you prefer to avoid anything too sticky, gooey, and face mask like. I wear it under my makeup and, unlike sunscreens of yore, its non-whitening formula does feel like I have nothing on, and with the added Vitamin E, my skin gets some well-deserved pampering as well. - kit cosmetics - 30 plus face sunscreen - 3


When it comes to beachwear, I always go for retro styles. My favourite bikini was purchased online 3 or 4 years ago at Urban Outfitters, and with its 1960s shape (tube top, low waist) and vibrant floral pattern, it’s a hard one to beat, although this burgundy one featuring heart polka dots – especially if paired up with striking red lips – would certainly make me feel  like a 1950s pinup. - lola mealha - 2 - bikini - 2


Being an introspective soul who loves nothing more than to immerse herself under the pages of a good book, fortunately there’s a little thing called the iPad, which nowadays carries most of my beach/swimming pool books, leaving the precious and very much loved vintage ones safe and sound (and appropriately colour-coordinated) on my bookshelves, where they belong, alongside some art and design ones.
These shown below – by my all-time favourite The School of Life – are some of the lucky few which not being vintage or art related have somehow escaped the dreaded practicality of the iPad.
(I especially treasure ‘Empathy’, by Roman Krznaric, not only because it’s a concept which I carry very close to my heart, but also due to having won it after submitting a story to The School of Life). - the school of life - 1

So whether soaking up some rays amongst Hampstead Heath‘s wonderfully-unkempt nature or swimming a few laps at the London Fields heated Lido (or anywhere else around the world), here’s to Summer – we’ve (not so) secretly been waiting for you all year!


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